Do you have regulatory or cybersecurity requirements to monitor your databases?  The use and handling of NPPI (non-public personal identifiable information) is at the heart of data privacy regulations like CCPA or GDPR which requires data owners to ensure only authorized access and use of their NPPI.  Along with encryption, database monitoring is a key control organizations need to implement to protect their NPPI.

Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) as-a-service:

  • An easy to consume annual subscription service for database activity monitoring (DAM) powered by IBM Guardium for on-prem and cloud databases.
  • Continuously monitor database transactions, including local privileged user and service account activities.
  • Provides enterprise-wide visibility of database activity across supported on-premises and cloud environments.
  • Alerts or blocks on security or compliance policy violations.
  • Demonstrate compliance with pre-defined and custom reports.

What’s included:

  • Software Licenses that would be required to run the service.
  • A dedicated Database Security Admin/Engineer to deploy and provide day-to-day administration.
  • Our services will ensure continuous monitoring of your database activity with SLAs, integration with your SEIM to forward all alerts.
  • Work with your IT compliance team and set up a compliance workflow and distribute weekly reports.
  • Optional add-on services: vulnerability management, DB entitlement reports, data classification for PCI/PII.

Key Benefits:

  • We do the heavy lifting…you get the reports, activity insights, SIEM integration, and pass audits
  • No licenses or software support fees
  • No lengthy vendor negotiations
  • Organizations usually prefer Opex to Capex
  • No operational overhead or training required
  • Simple Tiered Pricing model with one-year, two-year and three-year contract options
  • Pre-built reports, templates and rules that cover 95% DAM use cases across industry sectors
  • Ad hoc or customized reports included
  • Annual Health Checks & Assessments (free for the first year)

Why Adaptive:

Adaptive Systems Inc is a firm exclusively focused on data protection and one of the very few in the industry with DAM-as-a-service model. We have 20+ years of data management and data protection experience helping companies comply with regulations like SOX, PCI, HIPAA as well as CCPA, GDPR and GLBA.  Cybersecurity teams are overly stretched today (skills shortage) but the threats to your sensitive data are increasing by the day which is why we are seeing such an increase demand for our DAM-as-a-service.

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