Cloud Database Security

What are the key challenges to protect your databases in the Cloud?

Do you know what data you have in the Cloud?  Who has access to your Cloud instances?   Are you monitoring your privileged users?  Is Cloud encryption a requirement for your organization?

These are just some of the questions many of our clients struggle with and some of these questions your organizations may have resolved.  Our expertise at Adaptive Systems is helping enterprises protect their data and now with so much data moving to the Cloud many c-level executives are wondering if their Cloud databases are protected.   As an organization, Adaptive Systems has built an expert team with 30+ years of combined experience to help clients protect their on-prem databases. Now data is rapidly moving to the Cloud and this poses different challenges.  No longer is the database residing in your data center – it’s now in someone else’s data center!  Gone are the days when you can “walk over” to the data center and actually see the physical server where your data resides.  Now you have to rely on your AWS or Azure Cloud administrator to “show” you and allow you access to that database server.  There is a certain sense of helplessness that comes over you when you think about that.  Having said that, what’s an organization to do in order to feel comfortable that your sensitive data is secure in the Cloud?  The answer to that question is not short and the solution is not quick, especially in a large, complex organization with multiple lines-of-businesses.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is often overlooked and is one of the first steps to achieving cloud security. Don’t leave your cloud infrastructure vulnerable.  It’s very important to address the management of user accounts, roles, and access rights for individual users in your organization.

Whether your cloud databases are in AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, GCP, MongoDB Atlas, Snowflake (the list is endless) or a hybrid approach, each Cloud provider offers different tools and capabilities to monitor your data, the privileged users and service accounts that have access to your data.

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